LS Sygnet's first novel - Daddy's Little Killer - was first published in June 2012 via Kindle Direct Publishing. By September 2012, she began using to distribute her Eriksson Novels.

Initially, Sygnet wrote seven novels in the Eriksson series, spanning the story of the protagonist, Helen Eriksson. Since the inception of this series, the plan was after book seven was completed, the series would be concluded. However, Darkwater Bay took on a life of its own, as did Eriksson's supporting cast. Look for more to come from that dark little corner of the world.

Sygnet published her first stand-alone story, The Quiet Ones, in July 2013.

All of her books are available for purchase as e-books for multiple software platforms via, but also through major online e-book retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Apple's iBookstore. Sygnet offers her friends on Facebook exclusive coupons and deals for her books downloaded directly from Smashwords.

LS Sygnet is a Registered Nurse by education, who has worked primarily in geriatric psychiatry since the 1980's. She grew up in the Great Plains of the United States, but currently lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her furry four-legged child (the baby dog). She has one cherished adult son, and a much adored daughter-in-law.